Made to Change the World

If you want to:

  • See how you can find your gifts and talents to create & inspire world change

  • Start your own business, particularly one that practices social good

  • Learn ways to make meaningful, tangible impact locally in your own community

  • Discover how helping others can transform your life

This book is for you.

Your purchase will directly help those in need, as I’m donating 100% of profits to non profit, Room in the Inn.


Mike Fisher & Carrie Underwood
We all have something inside us that brings value to the world. It’s a matter of doing something positive with what we’re given. Because everyone matters, and if we’re all working together we have the potential to change lives and leave the world a better place than we found it.
— MIKE FISHER, former Captain of the Nashville Predators

Eddie George
Proof that something as small and simple as a T-shirt can change - and even save - a life. A compelling read that dares each of us to consider how we can impact and make a difference in the lives, communities, and the world around us.
— Eddie George, Heisman Trophy Winner and Former NFL Player


Hi, I’m Derek.


I’m the CEO and co-founder of Project 615, a philanthropic apparel company that believes in social good & world change.

I’m also an author.

Made to Change the World: How Ordinary People Are Called to do Extraordinary Work, the Story of @Project 615 is my first book.

It chronicles my journey of figuring out my passion, utilizing my natural gifts to start a business that ultimately sparked a global movement to aid people living in poverty. We’ve raised over $500,000 and celebrities such as Lady Gaga & Miley Cyrus have supported our cause.

I wrote this book in hopes of inspiring others to start their own world-changing business. By searching within to find your natural passion and utilizing your gifts to create world change.

Everyone has it in the them to make a difference. I hope this book will help you on your journey.

*100% of profits from this book will be donated to help rehabilitate those in homelessness in partner with non profit, Room in the Inn (501c3)

Meet Derek Evans

I live in the beautiful city of Nashville, Tennessee, which I call the “City of Dreams” with my beautiful wife, Mary. I love to travel, I have an infatuation with VW buses, love to deep sea fish, and I know way too much about 90’s hip hop and the seasons 1990-1994 of Saturday Night Live.